Skin packaging card

Skin packaging is to pack a product between a plastic film and a cardboard or a corrugated cardboard

PVC and PE were the only available packaging film for skin packaging in earlier time. Though they have qualitative weaknesses, they were the best packaging films. However, PVC can interact with different materials and becomes fragile along with time as well as under low temperature. The weaknesses of PE are its low transparence and short durability. Furthermore, PE would make the cardboard curled up. DuPont provides a different plastic material V Surlyn® resins which made of ethylene acid copolymers. Except combining the properties of PVC and PE, Surlyn® has also other outstanding properties.

Surlyn® resins are more formidable and transparent than PVC and PE. Due to its formidability and toughness, Surlyn® can be used to pack hard products that would pierce through other films. Even in the critical forming phase under vacuum, Surlyn® would not be pierced through by sharp objects or sharp edges of products. Thus, with Surlyn, we can achieve a perfect packaging. Due to its toughness and better drawability , Surlyn® can be thinner than PVC, and thus saving cost by this way. Unlike PVC, Surlyn® would not become fragile along with time or under low temperatures. Surlyn® resins can be applied on packaging machine for other films. It can be softened rapidly during the heating process so that packaging speeds can be accelerated.

Unlike PVC, Surlyn® is chemical resistance. It does not interact with other plastics or rubbers. This means that many toys, accessories and equipments can be safely packed in the transparent and tough Surlyn® resin film. Surlyn® does not corrode unelectroplated metals. It can prevent oil or grease leakage of industrial products. Its high transparence and high adhesive ability to cardboard makes the printings on cardboards more outstanding.

Pictures provided by DuPont in Shanghai

The process of sealing packaging

The products and a film are put on the vacuum platform of the packaging machine. The film is heated at the same time.

Products and cardboards were covered by film.

Air will be absorbed so that the film is pulled down. Products and cardboards are tightly packed within film to form a integral package. The opens are formed and sealed at the back of cardboards, which ensures that products are sealed under vacuum state.

Finished packages are moved from machine.


Illustrations of skin packaging
Skin Packing
Roller Cutting
Finished Products

10 Advantages of Surlyn®
1. Excellent Formability Surlyn® can pack a standing needle without being pierced through.

2. Fragility (Flex-crack) resistant in low temperture

Even at poplar temperatures, the fragility resistance of skin packaging with Surlyn® resins is much better than other films.
3. Clarity X crystal clear film The transparence of Surlyn® gives your products a perfect outlook.
4. Thinner films available Melting, piercing, and falling strike experiments have proven that Surlyn has outstanding toughness and drawability.
5. Without plasticizer Surlyn not only doses not interact with possible plasticizer in products , but also does not corrode unelectroplated or untreated metals.
6. Outstanding Oil/grease resistance  
7. Improve packaging speeds  
8. Enable good contact with paper and printing oil  
9. Enhance printing effects The sparkling clarity and high gloss of Surlyn® films gives paper printing more brightness.
10. Can be used in all standard equipments  


4 criteria to evaluate the cost of Surlyn®
1. Weight Surlyn® is lighter than PVC, the cost per KG is consequently then than PVC.
2. Thickness Surlyn® has very high formability. Its available packaging thickness is much thinner than that of PVC and PE. You can pack more products with per KG Surlyn®.
3. Packing speed
Surlyn® absorbs heat faster than other films. Therefore, it can reach ideal forming temperature in a shorter time, and accelerate the packaging process and extra costs by this way.
4. Packaging Benefits
Usually, Surlyn® is the only one film which can meet special packaging demands. Therefore, the economy of Surlyn® in sealing packaging is far better than other traditional films and packaging.


Packaging platform
skin packaging machine
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